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Year 6 – year 8

Friendship and fun are central to our times together, so there is always time for a game (or ten)

Lava Sunday morning & Lava Late

Year 6 - year 8
Each Sunday we meet as a youth group during the service and explore faith together.
Our sessions are full of fun and discussion and are a chance to dig into the bible, encounter God’s spirit and come to your own conclusion about faith.  Friendship and fun are central to our Sunday sessions so there is always time for a game (or ten) and no Sunday is complete without some snacks! Newcomers are always welcome, so if you are in school years 6-8, you are really welcome to come and give Lava a try. 

We meet at 3 Counties Vineyard church building, then after about 15 minutes of worship with the wider church family, we congregate outside the front door and then walk a couple of minutes up the road together to Hardman Hoyle Hall for our time together. We then come back for coffee time with the rest of the church family.  

If it is your first time joining us, we will take some basic registration details when we congregate, so new parent / carers are welcome to come out with their young person if they would like to be the ones to share this information. 
Sunday morning 10.15 – 11.30am 
(but feel free to rock up from 10am)
3 Counties Vineyard
Linchmere Road, 
Haslemere, Surrey 
GU27 3QW
Lava Late is a youth group for young people in years 6-8 which runs weekly on Tuesday evenings.
Fun and friendship is at the heart of what we do! Newcomers are always welcome – we are a friendly bunch! We run big activity sessions, featuring sports, team challenges, cooking tasks, outdoor adventures and also chilled sessions with table tennis, quizzes, crafts and more - so there is something for everyone. Each term we do a ‘special’ which is a real highlight. Our specials have included family nights, trips to air hop and ninja warrior, sleepovers and a BBQ.

We make time each week to catch up with each other and hear about everyone’s week as we love to celebrate the great stuff together and support each other in the not so great stuff too. We also make time fortnightly to take a little part of the session to explore faith (with a drama, video or game), but always leave space to hear everyone’s opinion and let the youth come to their own conclusion.

Come along and check out Lava Late for yourself!
Tuesdays (term time) 6.30-8pm  

3 Counties Vineyard
Linchmere Road, 
Haslemere, Surrey 
GU27 3QW
£2pp (but newcomers get their first session free!)

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