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We believe that responding to climate change is an essential part of our responsibility
We believe that responding to climate change is an essential part of our responsibility to be good stewards of God's awesome creation and we are committed to managing the environmental impacts of our Church wherever possible. Our Green team considers our church’s environmental footprint, promotes a balanced approach to our stewardship of the planet and raises the profile of environmental and ecological issues within our church.

We have been granted a Silver Eco Church award by A Rocha (www.arocha.org).

LEDs instead of standard bulbs
Eco friendly cleaning products and recyclable consumables
Large containers to reduce plastic waste
Recycling bins in the church
Fairtrade tea and coffee
Reducing our use of disposable cups
Green electricity
A bike rack to promote environmentally-friendly transport
What else can we do?
Avoid flying and limit our driving
Use less electricity/gas and switch to green providers
Install solar panels and generate our own electricity
Grow some of our own food, buy British fruit and veg in season and support local shops
Eat less meat and dairy, eat some vegetarian or vegan meals every week
Repair, re-use, borrow or share rather than buying new
Insulate our homes and install double glazing where possible
Save water
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